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Exterior Waterproofing

"At Central Drains Waterproofing, we understand the importance of a dry and secure basement. That's why we offer high-quality exterior basement waterproofing solutions performed by highly trained professionals. Trust us to protect your basement from water damage and keep your home safe." - 
                                                              - Collin Y. (Production Manager)


What Is Exterior Basement Waterproofing?

An exterior drainage system for basement waterproofing and foundation

waterproofing is designed to manage and

redirect water away from the foundation, preventing water infiltration and potential

damage to the basement. Here's a detailed description of a typical exterior

drainage system and how it works:

1. Excavation: The first step involves excavating the soil around the foundation to

expose the exterior walls. This creates aorking space for the installation of the

drainage system.

2. Waterproofing Membrane: Once the foundation walls are exposed, a waterproofing

membrane is applied to the exterior surface. This membrane acts as a barrier against

water penetration and helps protect the foundation from moisture.

3. Drainage Board: A drainage board or dimple board is often installed on top of the waterproofing membrane. This provides additional protection by creating an air gap between the soil and the foundation walls, allowing water to drain away easily.

4.  Weeping Tile (Perforated Pipe): A perforated pipe, commonly known as weeping tile, is placed at the base of the foundation, along the footer. This pipe is surrounded by gravel to facilitate water flow. The weeping tile acts as a conduit for collecting and directing water away from the foundation.

5.  Filter Fabric: To prevent soil and debris from clogging the weeping tile, a filter fabric or sock is often placed around the pipe. This allows water to enter the pipe while keeping out unwanted particles.

6.  Backfill: After the weeping tile is installed, the excavated area is backfilled with coarse gravel. This promotes proper drainage and helps prevent soil settlement around the foundation.

7. Drainage Exit: The weeping tile is extended to a drainage exit point, often connected to a storm sewer or a designated drainage area. This ensures that collected water is safely directed away from the foundation and does not accumulate near the basement walls.

8. Slope and Grading: Proper grading is essential for effective drainage. The soil should be sloped away from the foundation to encourage water to flow away naturally. This can be achieved through the proper grading of the landscape surrounding the house.

9. Protective Layer: A protective layer, such as a geotextile fabric, may be added on top of the backfilled soil to prevent fine particles from entering the drainage system.

By implementing this exterior drainage system, water is effectively redirected away from the foundation, preventing hydrostatic pressure, soil erosion, and potential water damage to the basement. Regular maintenance, such as clearing debris from the drainage exit, is important to ensure the continued effectiveness of the system.

How Much Does Exterior Basement Waterproofing Cost?

      The cost of exterior basement waterproofing can vary widely, and it's essential to consider various factors when estimating the expenses. Keep in mind that these are general estimates, and actual costs may differ based on specific circumstances, such as the size and condition of the house, the extent of waterproofing required, local labor rates, and the chosen waterproofing methods.


      A rough estimate, the cost for exterior basement waterproofing can range from $5,000 to $15,000 or more. Larger homes, more extensive waterproofing needs, and higher-end waterproofing methods may contribute to costs on the higher end of this range. It's crucial to obtain quotes from local contractors to get a more accurate estimate tailored to your specific situation.

    To get the most accurate and up-to-date estimate for your particular case, consider reaching out to us, Central Drains Waterproofing. We provide reputable waterproofing contractor servvces in the North East Ohio area. We can assess your property, discuss your specific needs, and provide you with a detailed cost estimate based on the factors relevant to your situation. 

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